The Art Of The Slow Roll… and How You Can Fight It

  • Sep 25 2019

In poker, a slow roll is when the winner of a particular hand slowly flips over their cards in order to rub them in the face of an opponent. It’s considered bad manners. 

When truck drivers talk about slow-rolling, they are talking about a form of protest where they drive as slowly as possible in order to jam up traffic and make a point about their importance. It’s illegal in some places with minimum speed limits. 

In the insurance world, slow-rolling means making a policyholder jump through enough hoops while making a claim that they give up and pay for their damages out of pocket. It’s unfair, it may or may not be illegal, and it is something you should not tolerate if you are a property owner in South Florida. 

Insurance companies have perfected the slow roll

How do you know if you are being slow-rolled? Here are some common tactics:

  • Asking for additional information when you have repeatedly told them you have given them everything you have. 
  • Some insurance companies will call you to ask additional questions or “check-in with you” at phone numbers or during times you have told them are off-limits. They know you are not expecting the call, so you will be flustered, and may give them incorrect information that could allow them to deny your claim. 
  • Insisting that documents be sent via mail when they could easily be emailed instantaneously. 
  • Requiring you to get multiple rounds of quotes because they can’t believe how high they are coming in. 
  • Subtly trying to persuade you that you would be better off paying out of pocket. 

Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC is here to help

Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC represents property owners in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and all other Florida Counties who are anxious to have their homes and businesses repaired after they have been damaged. We help our clients speed up the property insurance claims process by blasting through all the roadblocks the insurance company attempts to throw up.

We leverage our knowledge and skill to persuade, and at times force, insurance companies to honor our clients’ property insurance claims, and if necessary, we can litigate, arbitrate, or mediate a claim on our client’s behalf. 

If your insurer has failed to pay the full value of your claim, has denied your claim, or has engaged in bad faith delay tactics, we know how to help you obtain the coverage you deserve. Please contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. 

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