Caroline M. Carollo, Esq.

Managing Partner

Ms. Carollo is a managing partner at VCM Law Group and focuses her practice on Property Insurance matters. She has over six years of experience working on First Party Property Insurance claims and Assignment of Benefits matters, and has been very successful in building attorney-client relationships and resolving claims for her clients.  It can be extremely difficult to understand the process for a property claim, and the complexities of an insurance policy, but Ms. Carollo can help guide you through that process.

Ms. Carollo is a tireless advocate for every single one of her clients. She is always available to clients and never hesitates to work after hours or on weekends in order to provide clients with the full service that they deserve. Ms. Carollo makes sure that a client’s case is properly handled and that the client obtains the best possible outcome.

Whether you are a homeowner with property damage, or have a water mitigation, mold remediation, or mold assessment company, Ms. Carollo is the skilled advocate you want fighting on your behalf.