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Whether you have been accused of committing a crime, or harmed by another’s negligence, you can benefit greatly from the advice of a knowledgeable attorney. The right lawyer will patiently guide you through the entirety of the legal process. Additionally, this person will serve not only as a legal representative, but also as an educator, giving you the information you need to secure a successful case resolution.

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He Stands At The Top Of His Profession
Antonio Valiente took my case earlier in his career, when he was a Public Defender. He quickly took me from a place of fear and desperation, to a place of faith, trust and confidence. Now that my case has been… - Audrey R.
Thanking God Above For Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC Firm
Best attorneys. They save my son from doing 15 years in prison. Won at trial twice - not guilty verdicts. Thanking God above for Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC Firm. - Tracy T.
Always Available - A Wonderful Experience
I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Valiente and his assistant Melissa. They're always available when you need help and are always willing to listen to you and assist you in what they can. If you need help with any… - Juan M.
I Highly Recommend Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC
I highly recommend Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC. I had a great trial and a successful plea deal to get my case dropped & dismissed once I finished my programs. Thank you Antonio for being my lawyer and to Gabriela… - Jesus M.
Very professional and very detailed
Very professional and very detailed. Takes the time to work every in and out of the case. Highly recommended - Jeff G.

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A Top Legal Resource in Miami

Today, many Floridians face conflicts that can only be resolved with proper legal representation. If you have been accused of a crime, are involved in a marital breakup, or have been injured in an accident, it is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side, protecting your rights. At Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC, we provide comprehensive legal services to individuals, couples and families in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and throughout the state of Florida. By taking the time to understand your circumstances and objectives, we will help you explore all of your options and always put your best interests first.

Knowing that navigating the legal system can be complicated, we will offer you our knowledge, compassion, and cost-effective personal service. Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully trying cases in state and federal court. While we have the skills and resources to litigate any matter, we are equally adept at resolving issues through negotiation or arbitration.

Through our many years of practice, we have gained recognition for being dedicated advocates and providing our clients with aggressive representation. Above all, our objective insights will help you make the best possible decisions for yourself, your family, and your future.

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At Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC, we are committed to helping our clients find justice. Our legal team fights for the rights of those who are facing criminal charges, have been injured due to another’s negligence, or are involved in a family conflict.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Miami

Fighting For Rights In Miami

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Florida, it is crucial to have bold and aggressive legal representation. The consequences of a conviction can be severe, including imprisonment, fines, lengthy probation periods, the loss of many of your rights, including the right to own a gun or hold a professional license, and in many cases, immigration consequences like deportation. Additionally, the stigma of being accused of a crime can make it more difficult for you to find work or rent an apartment in the future. When you come to Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC, you will have confidence, knowing that passionate advocates are in your corner. When your future is on the line, we will stand by you.

We provide a powerful combination of sophisticated legal advice and superior personal service that can only be found at a boutique law firm. We work to build relationships with our clients so they always feel comfortable trusting us with their most pressing matters. Unlike many law firms, we are always available – including nights & weekends – to respond to your questions and concerns. Because going up against the State of Florida or the federal government can be daunting, we patiently guide our clients through every phase of a case, from the bond hearing, arraignment, pretrial discovery and all court appearances. Our objective is to win your case – whether that means an acquittal to secure your freedom after trial or aggressive pre-arraignment investigation and advocacy to avoid charges ever being filed in the first place.

Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC routinely defends clients against a wide range of criminal offenses including DUI, drug crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes, gun/weapon-related offenses, sex crimes, kidnapping, juvenile crimes, and white collar crimes. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges at the state level or have been accused of a federal crime, we will leverage our knowledge and courtroom experience to protect your rights. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation, identify and interview witnesses and all parties involved, including police, and seek out evidence of your innocence.

Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC Office in Miami

Above all, we will provide you with a well-thought-out defense strategy, making sure that you receive a fair trial and helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with a crime, you may be afraid and not know where to turn. When you come to Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC, you’ll have a team of trustworthy attorneys to lean on. We will fully explain all of your rights, help you explore all your options, and work tirelessly to secure your freedom.

Property Damage

If you rent or own a home or commercial property in Florida, it is highly likely that at some point you will need to file a property insurance claim as a result of property damage. Since insurance companies often look out for their bottom line before they look out for their customers, dealing with insurance companies and their employees can oftentimes be a frustrating and altogether unrewarding experience. If you are involved in a dispute with your insurance company about a property damage claim, Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC will fight to obtain just compensation for you and your family.

If your home or place of business is damaged in a flood, hurricane, or another calamity, you should not have to worry about getting the compensation you deserve – you can leave that to us.

At Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC, we are keenly aware that legal disputes can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why we treat each client with dignity, care and respect.

Whether you are facing criminal charges, are involved in a family dispute, or need help obtaining compensation from your insurance company, you need the bold and aggressive legal representation that Valiente, Carollo and McElligott PLLC can provide. Our legal team knows what it takes to protect your interests and is ultimately concerned about your future. Please reach out to us by calling the office or filling out the convenient online contact form.

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