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DUI and Driver License Checkpoint motion

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal?

Everyone at some point has thought of the situation where you’re driving home from a nice night out with friends when you see traffic is backed up. You peek out …

  • Posted on: Oct 18 2018
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Boat in the water off the shore of Miami.

Fighting a Boat DUI/“BUI”

Florida’s sunshine, warm weather, and easy access to water make boating an incredibly popular activity in Miami. It’s natural and common to want to have an adult beverage while you’re …

  • Posted on: Sep 7 2018
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Different color gambling chips stacked on a table in Miami.

Gambling: When a Game Becomes a Crime

Many of our Miami criminal defense clients are surprised to learn that a fun night playing poker at a friend’s house can result in criminal charges. Florida takes gambling crimes …

  • Posted on: Aug 31 2018
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