Gifted Attorney!
Hello viewers, my name is Devin and I was one of Mr. Valiente’s client. Well where do I start… First off I want to thank god for bringing Mr. Valiente into my life and taking over my case. I’m here to say that I really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this attorney. The way Mr. Valiente handled my case was professional, excellent, and he defended me to the very end. I was facing a life sentenced for something I didn’t do and Mr. Valiente cared about the innocent and devoted his life and time to my case to get me off. Mr. Valiente never showed me that i was just another case as public defenders do because they have a workload of cases. Mr. Valiente had great communication and was very accessible. He answered my calls whenever I called him and kept me updated with everything that was going on with my case. Even after I won Mr. Valiente stayed in touch. Mr. Valiente did an excellent job during my trial establishing my alibi with electronic records and with hiring a computer expert to corroborate with my alibi. The ultimate outcome for my trial was a 10 minute not guilty verdict from the jury on a life felony on which I would’ve never seen daylight ever again. Everyday I appreciate my life and freedom and I can’t do nothing but thank the man above and also Mr. Valiente. One of the best lawyers and I highly recommend him!!
- Devin