Federal Crime

The stakes are high for federal criminal matters, which can lead to long prison sentences. As such, it is essential to work with a knowledgeable criminal attorney with a passion for defending the rights of his clients. Consider working with Antonio F. Valiente; his zealous approach to federal criminal matters is exactly what you need during this difficult time.

The Consequences of Federal Criminal Charges

The consequences of felony charges can be incredibly harsh at the state level, but legal repercussions only become more severe when the federal criminal justice system is involved. When working with the Florida criminal justice system, it is common to negotiate penalties down to mere probation, but this is far more difficult in federal court. Specific penalties depend somewhat on the nature of the criminal charges, but typically involve significant fines and time behind bars. Later, after the sentence has been served, the accused individual may find it difficult to obtain housing or employment due to his or her criminal record.

Federal Crimes and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

One of the primary drivers of the harsh repercussions targeted at federal criminal offenders is mandatory minimum sentencing. Set by Congress, mandatory minimum sentences are typically associated with drug crimes. However, they also apply to many weapons and pornography charges. A judge may not believe that you require a lengthy prison sentence for a particular criminal matter, but he or she has little say if a mandatory minimum sentence has been enacted for the offense with which you’ve been charged.

Although cases involving mandatory minimum sentences may seem all but hopeless, it may still be possible for you to avoid the severe legal repercussions. Your likelihood of securing a favorable case resolution will increase significantly if you work with a federal criminal lawyer with a history of success.

Trusted Federal Criminal Defense

Because of the severe nature of the penalties targeted at federal offenders, it is absolutely essential for those charged with these crimes to seek representation from respected criminal defense attorneys. Antonio F. Valiente has worked extensively in both state and federal court, and thus, is a great advocate to have at your side as you take on the federal criminal justice system. If you are currently dealing with federal charges, it is in your best interest to reach out to Valiente Law as soon as possible.