FAQ 01: What if the police did not have reasonable grounds to arrest me?

What we always tell our clients is on the street is not the place to argue with the police about whether they have grounds to arrest you or not. Unfortunately, they are human. They make mistakes also. They might think that they have reasonable grounds to arrest you. Ultimately though, we advise our clients, look, if the police are going to arrest you, you’re not going to talk your way out of it by throwing some legal terms or saying something that you may have heard on TV. It’s something you want an experienced attorney, it’s something that we’ll take care of in court – not on the street.

Because the police officer is going to arrest you. You don’t do what he says and then you pick up another charge, you know, in addition to whatever he may have stopped you for in the first place. Now you have a resisting arrest or resisting an officer with or without violence.

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